When you writing test for front end application there are set of best practices that we can follow to have stable test. Here, I’ll explain selected set of bets practices to follow.

Test design

When it comes to performance testing slow query logs are very useful to detect the performance improvements. DB queries executing and lock time affected in considerable level of system which has large amount of users.

So this article will show how the slow query logs enable in the aws RDS…

Identity server has facilitated to initiate several events and notifications on a critical identity operations. Initiate an email or an SMS on a critical identity event and update some external system on an identity event can be seen as the most common usage of this approach

Example use cases:

WSO2 Identity Server support ‘WS-federation’ authentication mechanism. This blog will describe how to configure the WS- federation supported federated identity provider and login with a OIDC supported service provider

Setting up the Identity Providers

For the federate authentication we need an IDP to configure as the secondary identity provider (SecondaryIDP) and here I used another…

Achini Udari Jayasena

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